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Austin Apartment Locators that work with a Bankruptcy - with us, you will hear - ACCEPTED!

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We know its tough, times are tough, but finding NICE Austin area APARTMENTS that accept a bankruptcy doesn't have to be! Don't be anxious, don't worry,  call and let Austin Apartments Bankruptcy Accepted put you at ease. We have many nice new Austin area Apartments that would appreciate your business and will say the words you want to hear, Bankruptcy ACCEPTED! Make no mistake, we are talking about first class newer Apartment properties in NICE neighborhoods with GOOD schools. You do not have to settle for an old worn out apartment community. We also have many newer Apartments in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Leander and Georgetown Texas.

              We are 100% FREE Austin Apartment Locators who work with Bankruptcy.

How can this be you ask? My Name is Rob Grogan, I am a licensed ral estate agent and licensed Austin Apartment Locator, along the way I has made many friends and contacts in the Austin Apartment communities. I can used my knowledge and contacts to give you a shortcut to nice Austin area apartments, including Cedar Park, Leander,Pflugerville and Round Rock Texas Apartments

All apartments QUALIFY DIFFERENTLY, our job is to know how each Apartment community qualifies, who they run credit with, what they look for, and what they will accept, and sometimes it really may be as simple as "who you know". The apartments pay us to bring them qualified renters, that does not mean renters with good credit, it means renters who will pass THEIR qualifying criteria, and we know what that is! Apartments do not usually advertise on their web site that they will accept a bankruptcy, they do not have a sign out front that says they will work with a bankruptcy, so how do you know? You can either go on your own, drive around all day..go in and ASK the apartments...and THEY MAY TELL YOU, it depends, we CANT SAY TILL YOU APPLY! Then you apply, they DENY YOU and KEEP YOUR MONEY!                            
      You can do this OVER and OVER again, or you can call us! 

I can help you even if you are not In Austin Texas yet, I can send pictures, floor plans and prices to you of apartments that WILL work with you so you can have a Nice Apartment waiting for you and your family when you arrive in Austin.

We have the experience working with bankruptcies, it doesn't matter if its a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, it doesn't matter if its "open" (not discharged yet) or closed (discharged).

You can pick up the phone and call any Austin apartment locator you like, there are a lot of "new" apartment locators that always wanted to try and help someone with a bankruptcy, we have had a lot of new locators enter the business lately, there isn't anything wrong with that, everyone needs to start somewhere , BUT YOU SHOULD START WITH SOMEONE EXPERIENCED.

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Austin Apartments Bankruptcy ACCEPTED, These NICE Apartments in Austin WILL accept a recent Bankruptcy - AUSTIN APARTMENTS THAT ACCEPT BANKRUPTCY
This Austin Apartment has said they WILL accept a Bankruptcy!
Bankruptcy is ok here with extra deposit! BEAUTIFUL Newer apartments that will take a Bankruptcy! - AUSTIN APARTMENTS THAT ACCEPT BANKRUPTCY
Bankruptcy is OK here! Super Nice Apartments in Austin Texas
Having a recent Bankruptcy doesnt mean you cant live in a nice place, Call me (512) 944-7368
Apartments HERE!
We have Austin Apartments that Take a recent Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 ok ! AUSTIN APARTMENTS BANKRUPTCY OK !
You can get a nice Austin Apartment even if you have a recent Bankruptcy! AUSTIN APARTMENTS BANKRUPTCY OK!
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